Yoga Benefits

People today tend to lose sight of the fact that yoga is much more than simply going to an exercise class or to the gym. Yoga is really a way of life – and as such it encompasses so many parts of your life. That overall feeling of wellness that you get from a yoga class is something that should stay with you long after your class is over for the day.

In fact, the health and spiritual benefits of yoga are extraordinarily extensive – and they’ll touch upon many different aspects of your life. For instance, yoga is ideal for maintaining sports fitness, helping recovery from surgery or injury, keeping you freer from colds, and much more.

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

When you practice yoga you can look forward to all kinds of benefits to your body. Some of the physiological benefits of yoga include:

  • greater balance in the function of your endocrine system
  • greater balance in the function of your nervous system
  • lower pulse rate
  • lower respiratory rate
  • improved cardiovascular functions
  • lower blood pressure
  • increased flexibility and range of motion
  • increased energy
  • lower weight
  • improved immune system
  • improved coordination.

Yoga will even ward off the effects of aging. Yoga is also believed to improve the conditions of people suffering from health problems, whether it’s AIDS, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, or even obesity.

Researchers are discovering new benefits of yoga every day. While yoga is not the cure-all of exercises or lifestyle changes, it has proved time and again that it is extremely beneficial to your body.

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

Yoga provides a wealth of benefits for the mind as well as the body. Through yoga, our mood improves along with our sense of well being. Anxiety, depression and hostility decrease, and social adjustment improves. Also, our attention span increases, learning efficiencies rise, and memory grows sharper.

Biochemical Benefits of Yoga

Through yoga, one’s biochemical profile improves significantly. Anti-stress and antioxidant factors proliferate throughout the bloodstream, calming us and increasing our resistance to disease and malfunction. Even total cholesterol and triglyceride levels go down, while all-important hemoglobin levels rise.

Yoga offers tremendous benefits of health and wellness-far beyond the “simple exercise” you’ll enjoy in the classroom. Learn more about all the body/mind/spirit advantages that can be yours through yoga practice and make the most of them in your life!