Why Fast Weight Loss Doesnt Work

If you’re trying for fast weight loss, do so in a healthy and sustainable way. Crash diets or trendy diets that eliminate entire food groups won’t provide long-lasting weight loss, even if you see quick results. Sustainable weight loss and healthy living is a gradual transition.

Prepare for the Long Haul

The road to a healthier you is a long one, riddled with temptation in the form of fried foods, candy, sugary sodas and baked goods. Even the most determined dieters will have off days or setbacks.

Your body will also naturally go through periods of “plateau,” or no weight loss, even when you’re doing everything right. Don’t be discouraged. While quick weight loss is common in the first couple weeks of a new diet and exercise routine, expect to lose roughly two pounds a week.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

Losing 20 pounds in two weeks is obviously unrealistic, but oftentimes we convince ourselves to pursue equally unrealistic goals. We think we’ll be able to work out for an hour every day, pass by all the cookies at the office party and get a full eight hours of sleep every night, but this isn’t realistic.

Talk with your doctor to determine realistic weight loss goals. Some people simply shed weight more easily than others. Factors like medication, allergies and lifestyle can make losing weight more of a challenge.

In general, losing weight as summer approaches is much easier than during the holidays. Exercising is easier as stores begin to fill with summer dresses and swim trunks than when the weather is getting colder. Cut yourself some slack. Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds and then berating yourself for not succeeding, aim to maintain your weight during the holidays.

Be Kind to Yourself

Short-term diets have limited benefits. For the best results, develop lifelong healthy eating habits to sustain an appropriate weight.

Don’t realistically expect yourself to never eat another baked treat in your life. Instead, find ways to manage your favorite foods, such as rewarding yourself for losing five pounds by treating yourself to your favorite food. Plan ahead for events where you know you’ll be tempted by being hyper vigilant in your eating habits until the party. Then relax and let yourself have some cookies.

For long lasting results, don’t berate and belittle yourself. Appreciate the hard work you’re doing, accept the slip-ups and realize that a healthy lifestyle is a life-long process, which is why crash diets are harmful.