What To Expect From A Reiki Session

Reiki is a spiritual experience, and trained practitioners and Reiki masters have the ability to treat physical and mental symptoms. Learn exactly what to expect from a Reiki session.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?
Many Reiki patients and practitioners report feeling energy in the form of heat or pressure when performing or receiving Reiki treatment. Hand positions are held until the flow of energy ceases to pass between the two participants. Usually, practitioners use different motions every two to five minutes.

The purpose of the treatment-ceremony is to create a synergy between the parties involved, which causes some patients to experience physical and spiritual responses.

Reiki can treat a variety of ailments and physical symptoms, often producing results similar to a deep-tissue massage. However, it’s most commonly credited as a tool for relaxation and stress reduction–many patients leave Reiki sessions feeling looser and more relaxed. Occasionally, patients leave feeling dizzy or weak, which Reiki practitioners attribute to the process of getting rid of toxins and realigning with the flow of ki.

What Happens During a Reiki Treatment?
Approaches to Reiki treatment may vary between practitioners. This is the format of a standard session:
1. Your Reiki session will likely begin with you sitting comfortably in a chair.
2. A Reiki practitioner will then address your energy needs by laying his hands along different centers of energy-flow, called chakras. Chakras are the centers of spiritual power within the human body.
3. Once he has addressed any blockages or inconsistencies in these flows, he will try to change the direction of your energy toward the proper path.

The process of hand-laying is slow and non-invasive. In some circumstances, the patient will be touched–while in others, the practitioner will remotely sense the flows of energy. Treatments typically last less than an hour, but vary depending on the nature and severity of the symptoms.

Some practitioners won’t be able to sense a patient’s energy during an initial evaluation. Your teacher may not perform Reiki until she has a sense of your chakras.

How Does a Reiki Practitioner Sense Energy?
Some practitioners will wait several appointments before administering Reiki treatment because they need to be comfortable with a patient to accurately read their energy flows. Practitioners learn how to read energies during Reiki classes and may favor certain methods over others.

If you need help understanding if Reiki is right for you, it’s best to consult your doctor and maintain your normal health regimen until you make a decision.