Uterine Cancer Diet

Although the exact causes of endometrial (uterine) cancer are unknown, doctors agree that certain characteristics put particular women at a higher risk of developing this condition. Along with imbalanced hormones and family history, poor diet and obesity largely contribute to the growth of cancerous cells in the uterus.

As a result, eating healthy and exercising regularly are important aspects in the fight to prevent uterine cancer. In this article, we will outline the various foods that you should and shouldnt eat to stay in optimum health and prevent endometrial cancer.

What to Eat to Prevent Uterine Cancer

When it comes to designing a diet regimen around the prevention of uterine (or any type of) cancer, eating a diet that is low in fat, especially animal fat, and high in antioxidants is important. Keep in mind that some sources of fat in foods, such as the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, are particularly healthy and should, therefore, be a regular part of your diet.

Because obesity is one of the major risk factors associated with uterine cancer, keeping your body at or near its ideal weight (as determined by your physician) is one of the best ways to prevent the development of endometrial cancer.

Here is a list of healthy foods you should aim to include in your diet:

  • beans
  • brown rice
  • coffee, in moderation
  • fish
  • fruits
  • low or non diary products
  • low sodium products
  • nuts
  • red wine, in moderation
  • skinless, lean cuts of chicken
  • soy products
  • tea
  • vegetables
  • water
  • whole wheat or whole grain breads.

While all of the above foods make up a balanced, healthy diet, some of them contain healing antioxidants that are components specifically know to fight cancerous cell growth. Fruits, vegetables, teas, red wine, dark chocolate and coffee are especially high in antioxidants. Although you should consume coffee, dark chocolate and red wine in moderation, include as many fruits and vegetables as you can into your diet.

Foods to Avoid

Just as there are some foods you should specifically include in your diet, there are also some that you should completely avoid or, at the very least, minimize to maintain a healthy weight and prevent the development of uterine cancer. Here is a list of such foods:

  • deep fried foods: Not only are these foods extremely high in unhealthy fat, contributing to the development of obesity, but they are also high in cholesterol, putting unnecessary strain on your heart.
  • excessively sugary foods: Foods with high amounts of fructose and refined sugar (such as candy and sodas) contribute to the development of obesity and high cholesterol.
  • solid fats: Foods cooked in palm or animal oils (such as lards) are high in unhealthy fats, namely trans fats. As a result, use healthier options, such as olive oil, for cooking.
  • white refined flour: Bread and pastas made from white refined flour lack the nutrients (even if they have been fortified) that their whole grain counterparts offer. As a result, opt for whole grain and whole wheat breads and pastas, rather than those made from white refined flour.

Other Substances to Avoid

While eating the right foods is essential to maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding certain substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, are also important to healthy cell growth. In fact, while the use of both alcohol and tobacco (either in cigarette or chew form) have been linked to throat and mouth cancer, they both also play a role in the development of uterine cancer.  


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