Using Hypnotherapy To Help You Stop Smoking

As a commonly practiced technique, hypnotherapy to help an individual stop smoking works in different ways to help you break your habit and not go back. Unlike nicotine patches and pills, which rely on moderate doses of nicotine, hypnotherapy focuses on changing a smoker’s perception of cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is a form of mental health treatment that works to dissociate causes of behaviors from the behaviors themselves. If you smoke, significant portions of your addiction can be fueled by a combination of routine habit, personal rituals, and negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Negative emotions can cause you to decide that you don’t want to quit, or contribute to your return to smoking after quitting. While under hypnosis, the therapist will often make suggestions such as “you don’t like smoking,” or, “cigarette smoke tastes terrible.” For those who struggle severely with smoking cessation–despite a knowledge of the dangers–suggestions in a hypnotic state can have a greater psychological resonance than anti-smoking advertisements or disclaimers.

Therapy is designed to help you realize why you smoke, both consciously and unconsciously, and why you can’t seem to quit. In some cases, hypnotherapy sessions can complement chemical treatments (such as, nicotine patches). For some people, hypnotherapy sessions and self-hypnosis relaxation techniques alone are enough to conquer the addiction.

What Does Self-Hypnosis Add to Treatment?
Self-hypnosis is an integral part of many hypnotherapy treatments. While appointments with your hypnotherapist will constitute the main part of your treatment, simple meditative techniques may get you through the day when cravings become difficult. The doctor will typically give you a relaxation recording and a series of methods to treat your specific ailment. If you want to stop smoking, the hypnotherapist may recommend utilizing the recording and procedures while at home, work or elsewhere instead of lighting a cigarette. Self-hypnosis techniques mirror meditation in many ways, and are a relatively simple complement to professional hypnotherapy treatment.

Why Suggestion Therapy Works
Positive suggestions made during a hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis session are psychologically effective because the mind is in a state of heightened subconscious awareness, which increases its ability to respond favorably to positive reinforcement.

When deciding if hypnotherapy is right for you, consider the different practices and benefits the alternative treatment entails.