Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome After A New Diagnosis

Understanding dry eye syndrome, or keratitis sicca, can help you cope with this irritating condition.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome and How Is It Caused?

If you’ve just received a dry eye syndrome diagnosis, it means that your eyes aren’t receiving adequate moisture. This may cause a red appearance in the eyes as well as an itching, burning or stinging sensation. You may also experience stringy mucus coming from your eyes, or even gritty granules that gather at the corners.
Dry eye is a common problem that affects many people for a variety of reasons. It may be that your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, or that the tears your eyes produce don’t have the necessary composition to keep eyes properly moist.
The tear film is made up of three different parts: oil, water and mucus. If one or more of these parts functions incorrectly, the result is poor tear quality. Oil forms the outer layer of the tears and helps to smooth the tear surface and keep water from evaporating too quickly.