Types Of Headaches Migraine Headaches

In terms of work, lifestyle, family, and other relationships, migraine headaches are poorly understood by most people. They can be devastating. The pain can make ordinary tasks impossible. Unfortunately, many employers are less than understanding that “a little headache” can completely sideline a person for days. The misconception that migraine headaches are just bad headaches is common in society.

Twenty-eight million Americans live with migraine headache pain, yet many don’t understand even the most fundamental information. Out of that number, four and a half million suffer more than one attack a month. Twenty-five percent of the female population is affected, and eight percent of men. Only about half have been formally diagnosed: The disorder is often misdiagnosed both by doctors and patients.

Migraine medications have become more effective and faster acting. Indeed, some medications can stop a migraine before the headache actually starts. Certain medications should only be used where a clear diagnosis has been made. However, pain relievers are no longer the only option. Behavioral therapy teaches people how to control headache pain through relaxation techniques and lifestyle changes.

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