Types Of Headaches Hormonal Headaches

Both men and women suffer from headaches, but only women suffer from hormonal headaches.

Hormonal headaches are a result of hormones (a derivation of the Greek word hormon “to set in motion”) in the body. Various endocrine glands manufacture and secrete hormones. Once the hormone is produced and secreted, it travels through the bloodstream until it reaches its target, where it triggers a response from the cell or organ. The response triggered by the hormone varies, but hormones are capable of stimulating or inhibiting growth, regulating metabolism, and even regulating the production of other hormones.

Hormonal Headaches - Types of Headaches

In the case of hormonal headaches, hormone levels of estrogen, progesterone, and other sex hormones affect the onset and severity of headaches. Oftentimes, the occurrence of a headache is associated with drops in estrogen levels, as can be seen with hormonal headaches that occur alongside premenstrual syndrome.

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