Try Iyengar Yoga Poses

If you study yoga, but wonder if you’re performing the postures correctly, you should consider taking an Iyengar class. Iyengar yoga was developed to focus on perfecting postures safely and correctly.

What Is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga was developed by BKS Iyengar, who was sent by his teacher to assist medical professionals to study the therapeutic benefits of yoga. The style that he developed is popular and highly regarded in the West. By strictly teaching postures, a deeper understanding of the purpose and benefit of each pose is better understood.

How Is Iyengar Yoga Safer Than Other Yoga Forms?

Iyengar technique emphasizes the precision, alignment and quality of your pose rather than the quantity of poses and the time it takes to establish each. Iyengar yoga uses props to help properly align your body into each pose, a precaution that can often help prevent injury or strain.

An Iyengar yoga class will have certified instructors who are qualified to help place your body in such positions. The certification process for instructors can take years to complete, and because of the experience acquired during this time, Iyengar yoga teachers have the knowledge to identify and correct any problems you may have with your form.

What Can I Expect At an Iyengar Yoga Class?

If you’ve signed up for a beginner’s course, you’ll likely begin with basic postures that provide you with a general understanding of the practice. Iyengar studios will provide you with a yoga mat, but you won’t need to use it for most postures.

The classes generally last 60 minutes, and the more frequently you take them, the greater the results. Although learning the elementary yoga poses at a studio is preferred, Iyengar yoga can be performed at home using household devices such as a door-frame, counter or chair. Keep in mind that such stretches often require professional supervision in the beginning stages.

What Are the Benefits Of Iyengar Yoga?

Because Iyengar yoga’s primary focus is the realignment of your body, less effort from your muscles may be required. Iyengar is a physical and focused form of yoga, and practicing it can tone your body, improve balance and concentration and relieve stress.

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