Tips For Finding Non Toxic Skin Care Products

If you’re interested in non-toxic skin care, you need to know what to look for when purchasing skin care products. Know how to identify agents that are harmful to your skin to choose the best non-toxic personal care products.

Harmful Ingredients in Skin Care Products
Many ingredients commonly found in skin care products actually have an irritating effect on the skin. Alcohol, apart from being a known carcinogen, dries the skin. When your skin’s natural oils are removed, your body will react by producing even more of its own oils, leaving you with greasier skin than before application.

Petrochemicals, which are derived from crude oil and used in many skin care products, coat the skin with a waxy barrier that clogs pores and doesn’t allow skin to breath.

Lotions and skin care products that include UVA/UVB protection may include oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate, two ingredients that have been linked to endocrine system toxicity. Products that use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are often safer.

Fragrance in Skin Care Products
Fragrances are scents composed of up to 3,000 natural or synthetic substances, some of which are potentially harmful.

Several synthetic chemicals used in making fragrances are known carcinogens and many others have never been tested for safe human use.

Natural Substances for Non-Toxic Personal Care
Tea tree oil is a safe, natural product derived from the tea tree plant that is used in many skin care products, including soaps, scrubs, clarifying agents and moisturizers. It works at killing the bacteria that often gets stuck in clogged skin pores, and can help treat and fight acne and blemishes.

Because it’s a strong essential oil, those with sensitive skin may find it drying or mildly irritating. You can try mixing it with water or witch hazel for a toned-down solution.

Witch hazel is a natural extract of the witch hazel tree. It’s an astringent that is often used as a clarifying agent, or toner on the face, and can be used to clean and soothe minor cuts and burns. Witch hazel has been used for decades as one of the most popular alternative methods for organic skin care.

For those with oily skin, citrus juice works as a great cleanser and clarifier. The natural acidity of the citrus helps dead skin cells break down and leaves you skin looking healthier and more alive.

To complete your natural skin care routine, talk to your doctor or a local healthcare professional about the recent studies on deodorant and the associated health effects.