The Perks Of Practicing Yoga At Home

If you don’t have the time, money or convenience to join a yoga class, there’s an alternative. Developing a routine of practicing yoga on your own may be the key to maintaining a commitment you would otherwise drop from your weekly activities.

What Yoga Style Should I Practice At Home?

When choosing a yoga style, be aware that some forms require special heated studios, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to accommodate these conditions in your home, or if you’re traveling, in your hotel room. Choosing a style that requires little cost and preparation will be easier to practice and maintain.

Taking a basic yoga course will likely give you the foundations you need to feel comfortable performing the routine independently.

When Will I Know That I’m Fit To Practice At Home?

Start off taking a few weekend sessions. When you’ve worked up to 10 or more basic poses, ask your instructor for a guide or hand-out that includes stretches, standing postures and balance poses that require little or no supervision. To supplement your instructor’s teachings, you can purchase a yoga DVD online or in your local bookstore, and you can buy a yoga mat at a sporting goods store for little cost.

How Much Time Is Needed To Maintain Effective Results?

Time spent practicing yoga shouldn’t be your main concern. It’s not the quantity of time you practice, but the quality of your stretches, twists, inversions and arm balances that counts.

By integrating home practice with studio classes a few times every week, you can make sure the various stretches, sun-salutes, back bends and forward bends you are doing by yourself are in good form.

An effective way to keep balance in your exercise routine is to set manageable and achievable goals. If you feel that you won’t have time to dedicate an hour to yoga, try 30 minute sessions. As long as you maintain a certain amount of regularity with your exercise, you’ll likely achieve the desired results.

How Can I Maintain And Vary My Routine?

Scheduling your home practice at a certain time each day will help you maintain your schedule, and variety can keep it interesting.

Diversify your routine by designing each set of postures to cater toward your present mood and energy level. For example, when you sit down, try asking yourself how your body feels, and what poses might make it feel better.

If you enjoy your results from practicing Hatha yoga at home, you can also reduce your back pain with yoga therapy, which utilizes household items.