The Benefits Of Practicing Jivamutki Yoga

If you’re seeking to learn yoga to improve your health, investigate your spirituality, and experience the ‘yoga lifestyle’, practicing Jivamukti yoga may be the right style for you. Founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in the 1980s, Jivamukti yoga utilizes the basic principals of yoga to craft a very specific lifestyle for its practitioners.

What Are Jivamukti Yoga’s Foundations?

Jivamukti yoga strives to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga into your lifestyle through exercise, philosophy, meditation and a proper diet. The meaning behind Jivamukti yoga gives insight into its own workings. The term jivamukti is derived from ancient Sanskrit and means “living liberated” in English.

Because of this unique emphasis, a distinct code of ethics is followed by its strict practitioners:

  1. Learning scripture: sacred writings
  2. Practicing bhatki: religious devotion
  3. Practicing ahimsa: peace, nonviolence and compassion
  4. Practicing nada yoga: music and deep listening
  5. Practicing meditation: connecting with your inner spirit.

Jivamukti yoga moves well beyond basic postures. It offers a lifestyle that can be experienced by expanding your meditative and spiritual elements.

How Do I Know If Jivamukti Yoga Is Right for Me?

Jivamukti yoga is physically vigorous, and its spiritual components are a factor in whether this is the right style of yoga for you. Determining whether or not you can follow Jivamukti’s structure of beliefs is something to consider carefully.

This yoga style goes beyond the yoga mat or DVD. Jivamukti broadens and builds upon traditional Eastern conceptions of spirituality, and requires as much metaphysical investment as physical exertion.

Ahimsa, a practice that is deeply rooted in nonviolence and compassion, is one aspect of this yoga style that promotes a vegetarian diet, as well as aspects of political and environmental activism. If you don’t want to integrate world issues into your yoga practice, then Jivamukti yoga may not be right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Practicing Jivamukti Yoga?

Better posture, healthier breathing and increased muscle development are a few of the physical benefits of the Jivamukti practice. Jivamukti’s various postures help extend and tone the muscles, while improving blood circulation and the stimulation of the mind. But the other benefits that accrue from this style of yoga are more to do with learning to live your life – with compassion, devotion and integrity.

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