Support Groups For Pad Treatment Peripheral Artery Disease

Support groups for PAD (peripheral artery disease) come in many forms. Some are national organizations that focus on PAD treatment, prevention and awareness. Others are small support groups where people living with PAD can meet and discuss their experiences with the disease.

Advocates for PAD Treatment, Awareness and Prevention

Peripheral artery disease does not always receive the same attention as more “dramatic” and better-known cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. A number of support groups for PAD work to ensure that the public and healthcare professionals remain educated about the dangers of peripheral artery disease.

Of these groups, the PAD Coalition is one of the most active. Working closely with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the PAD Coalition created the first U.S. national campaign for PAD.

Disease support and prevention is of great importance to the PAD Coalition and similar support groups. The PAD Coalition provides clinical evidence and tools to healthcare professionals to assist in diagnosis, prevention and PAD treatment.

Support groups such as the PAD Coalition and the Vascular Disease Foundation also provide educational assistance to people living with PAD. Disease support includes strategies for symptom control and improving PAD survival rates.

Support Groups for PAD Patients

Support groups for PAD allow you to share experiences with other people living with PAD. Disease support groups also offer a wealth of information on symptom prevention, treatment options and ways to improve your quality of life.

Ask your doctor about local support groups for PAD. Disease support groups that focus on a wider range of cardiovascular conditions may be available if PAD support groups are not.

Online support groups for PAD also exist. The American Heart Association, for instance, hosts forums devoted to PAD. Disease support groups may also be found on social networking sites. Be aware that any information found through online support groups should be verified with your doctor.


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