Supplements Weight Loss

The days of snake oil and sugar pills are behind us, although the psychology of weight loss supplements is important. For many of us, the fact that we’re getting some help is an important psychological aid to weight control. But today’s weight loss supplements have some “secret weight loss ingredients” that work to curb appetite, boost metabolism and burn fat.

The ingredients in weight loss supplements that do the bulk of the work in making you slim are those that transform fat into energy. The science behind this is quite complex. In general, you need fuel to burn the fat and you also need a good way to transport the fuel.

We all know that our bodies need nutrients to work well so we can enjoy good health. We also know that we need a balance of foods that provide energy, and provide a fuel to metabolize the food so our cells can use the energy for growth and repair. It’s not just a matter of eating less, but of consuming just the right ingredients so that our bodies know it’s time to burn up stored fat (and not lean muscle or other useful tissues).

Fat Blasters in the better weight loss supplements work to use up that stored fat. They also help by transporting fuel (fat) to your body’s cells where it’s then transformed into energy.

Fat Blasting ingredients include carnitine, a very popular fat burner, and omega-3 fatty acids that enhance the effect of carnitine. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are important sources of these ingredients. Other weight loss ingredients that blast fat include L-tyrosine, soy (containing isoflavones), makandi and vitamin C.

The Energy Boosters

Although most weight loss supplements are intended to work well on their own, most diet programs recommend exercise along with diet control. Supplements that include Energy Boosting ingredients help with weight loss, even without a formal exercise program.

When you wake up in the morning rarin’ to go, you tend to burn more calories. You move more quickly, you walk faster, your reaction time is less, and you’re more alert. You might even fidget more! Believe it or not, fidgeting is a great calorie burner, and that’s why diet pills that are laced with caffeine work to burn fat–at least for a while. Use caution, however, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might be so wired at the end of a week that depression sets in.

Energy Boosting ingredients include pantothenic acid, phosphorus, carnitine and the B vitamins — niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), and pyridoxine (B6). Arctic root is a natural substance that appears to boost energy, too. Vitamin B6 has a tranquilizing effect as well as energy benefits.

The Stress Busters

In case you’re confusing high energy with that wired, high-strung feeling, you should choose supplements that include Stress Busting ingredients. Let’s face it: Weight loss is a stressful activity. Daily habits that date back to your early childhood come into question. Your source of comfort food is identified as the major culprit in the destruction of your self-image.

You know that any food that’s delicious contains liberal amounts of fat. But you’re supposed to ignore those aromas and punish yourself by deprivation. That’s stressful. Of course, lugging around an extra 50 to 100 pounds is stressful too.

An important step in weight control is having the energy to deal with life’s stressors without reaching for favorite comfort foods. The problems don’t go away, but your ability to deal with them is enhanced.

Stress Busting ingredients include kava kava, red clover blossoms, skullcap, suma, and valerian root (be careful with this one, as it makes you sleepy and is not recommended if you drive or operate machinery). The reduction of anxiety and mild depression are important too. Look for schizanda, St. John’s Wort, ginseng, or vitamin B3 among the ingredients.

The Motivators

Quick weight loss may be highly motivating, but if it comes off too fast, it comes back on even faster when you eat normally again. Quick weight loss is, in a way, too addictive. Let’s say you lose ten pounds the first week. Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to just keep losing ten pounds a week and be fifty pounds lighter in just five weeks?

Of course, weight loss just doesn’t work that way. Losing too much weight too fast will make you weak and dangerously ill. Think about it–if such magic existed, no one would be overweight, right?

So how can you lose weight quickly for just a few days, and then go on to that slow, steady weight loss for a few months? As long as you realize that it’s just a booster, then you can use this quick weight loss strategy to lose that first chunk of weight and maybe even every few months to nudge you again. The truth is, you’re really just losing water. But even a substantial water loss is a good way to lift the pall of getting stuck and make the jeans a little looser.

Weight loss Motivator ingredients are those that help you dump water. They’re called diuretics. Natural supplements that have diuretic effects include dandelion, gotu kola, kava kava, parsley, shitake mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, uvi ursi, wild yam and astragalus. You might even see goldenseed, senna or cascara sagrada listed in the ingredients of weight loss supplements. They have a laxative effect and clean you out, helping you feel a little lighter on your feet.

Caution: Any substances with diuretic or laxative effects should not be taken for long periods. (Besides, imagine what happens when you start absorbing water again after a slice of double cheese pizza and a handful of salty peanuts!)

The Hunger Inhibitors

“I could just eat a horse!” This is how many of us feel when we’re dieting, let alone fasting! Hunger makes us miserable. And it’s worse when you smell bacon frying or steak grilling or cookies or fresh bread emerging hot from the oven. Notice your physical reaction as you read this: Are your salivary glands suddenly on overdrive? That’s your natural survival reaction at work. In truth, the more active your little hunger machine, the better your body is doing of having you survive a starvation situation. Unfortunately, we’re not cave dwellers, and we’re certainly not starving.

Many weight loss supplement ingredients help us control our appetites by suppressing those hunger reactions. Hunger Inhibitor ingredients send messages to the brain to block that desire to eat. For some people, Hunger Inhibitors spell success with controlling food intake, as long as their bodies can handle the substances that accomplish this.

Hunger-inhibiting ingredients include that most popular and available beverage of all, water! Yes, drinking six to eight glasses a day really works for many of us to make us feel full. Having a long drink of water just before a meal sends the right message to your brain: stomach full, stop eating. Remember when your Mom told you to stop drinking that fizzy beverage? “It’ll spoil your dinner!” she’d say. Hmm. Nice idea. Let’s spoil the appetite and eat less!

Other Hunger Inhibitor ingredients include fennel, glucomannan and red clover blossoms.