Skin Care Products Color Cosmetics

In addition to the various cleansers and moisturizers we use as part of our regular skin care routines, some of us also wear a variety of color cosmetics on a daily basis. In general, cosmetics can enhance our features and cover up problem areas on our skin. However, if we use the improper products or use the appropriate products in the wrong manner, cosmetics can not only make us look worse, but they can also cause us to develop acne and other skin problems.

Types of Cosmetics

With the continual growth of the cosmetics industry, new types of makeup are constantly introduced to the market. Here is a list of the most common types of cosmetics people use:

  • concealer
  • blush
  • eye shadow
  • eyeliner
  • foundation
  • lip gloss
  • lipstick
  • mascara
  • powder.

Along with creating new types of cosmetics, manufacturers are also reinventing more traditional cosmetics. For example, some cosmetic manufacturers are now making foundations that contain concealer. Similarly, others are changing the form of cosmetics: Liquid eye shadows and blushes are among the newer trends in color cosmetics.

How to Choose the Right Color Cosmetics

When it comes to choosing between different brands and various shades of cosmetics, the market is overwhelming! Thousands of cosmetic brands offer hundreds of shades, which can make your head spin if you try to take it all in. As you are choosing between different cosmetics, first start by selecting a brand that you like.

If you are new to the world of cosmetics, opt for a reliable, more mainstream brand. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider choosing a brand that has a makeup counter in one of the major department stores. Although the cosmetics this brand sells are likely to be a bit pricier, the makeup counter gives you a chance to consult with a salesperson that is far more knowledgeable about cosmetics, specifically the types of cosmetics that will be right for your skin type and tone.

However, if you decide to go at it alone, first evaluate your skin tone to help you choose the right colors. Next, evaluate your skin’s current condition. Recognizing whether your skin is dry or acne-prone will help you choose products that won’t aggravate or worsen the existing condition.

For example, while those with dry skin should choose products that contain additional moisturizers, those with oily skin should opt for oil-free cosmetics to avoid worsening breakouts.

Choosing Foundations

Before buying colorful eye shadows and lipsticks, start your purchase of cosmetics with the right foundation and concealer. Yellow-based foundations generally match up well with most types of skin because they effectively minimize underlying red and/or pink tones. Conversely, avoid foundations with pink bases, as they usually look artificial and tend to make you look older.

For those with darker skin, choose foundations that match your skin color. Choosing shades of foundation that are too light will make your skin appear ashy.

Choosing Eye Shadows, Lipsticks and Other Color Cosmetics

Once you have chosen the right foundation, it’s time to choose the rest of the cosmetics you need to complete your look. First, however, think about the look you want: Do you want a natural, dramatic or mysterious look? The type of look you decide upon will determine the colors of the rest of the cosmetics you will need.

For example, while a natural look will call for colors and shades that are more neutral (i.e. browns and beiges), a more dramatic look will require brighter colors, such as greens, blues and purples. Alternately, a more mysterious look will call for darker, smokier colors, such as grays, navy blues and blacks.

Tips for Using Cosmetics

Once you have selected the appropriate cosmetics, you will need to apply them correctly to get the proper results. Here are some makeup tips that will help you make the most of your features:

  • Always apply makeup to a clean face. Reapplying makeup to a dirty face can irritate your skin and cause you to break out.
  • Always wash your makeup off before sleeping to avoid clogging your pores, which is one of the primary causes of acne.
  • Choose to emphasize either your eyes or your lips. Emphasizing both can be overwhelming and may end up making you look clown-esque.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new products. Whether or not you like the products you have, trying new products can help you figure out a new look that you love.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The only way you will get better at using makeup is by continually practicing putting it on.
  • Use the specific brushes for different areas of the face to apply makeup correctly. For example, while a blush brush will need to be broader, eye shadow and eyeliner brushers should be small and fine so you can use them to make clear lines.

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