Reiki Energy Healing For Animals Benefits Of Reiki For Pets

Reiki masters believe that Reiki energy healing for animals can be beneficial. If your pet is suffering from a behavioral problem or a long-term medical condition, consider Reiki energy therapy as a supplement to traditional medicines.

Why Perform Reiki for Pets?
Many practitioners believe that Reiki massage can be beneficial for animals with ailments. Some situations that might call for animal Reiki include:

  • Bad behavior: Whether it’s nervousness, stress or hyperactivity, any form of bad or destructive behavior may be the product of an unseen ailment. Stressed animals tend to act out more than calm ones do, and Reiki can make your pet more comfortable.
  • Death: The death of a pet is always difficult. Reiki masters maintain that treatments are very spiritual, and can both ease your pet’s transition into the next life and provide you with some solace. These ceremonies may also be helpful when a pet gives birth.
  • Sickness: In addition to consulting a veterinarian in case of illnesses, Reiki practitioners claim that Reiki energy healing for animals may help alleviate symptoms and cure disease, regardless of species.
  • Does Reiki Massage Work on Animals?
    Some scientific research actually supports the positive effects of Reiki massage on animals. Researchers have found that Reiki treatment was effective in lowering and maintaining the heart rates of rats exposed to stress.

    While it’s difficult to measure the direct effects of Reiki on humans, because of placebo effects, animals are considered a more reliable test group. Animal tests tend to stand up to scientific scrutiny and reproducibility requirements.

    How Can I Learn to Perform Reiki on My Pet?
    If you want to learn how to perform Reiki for pets, consider taking Reiki classes offered by certified Reiki masters. You can also find basic practices in instructional books or online.

    Reiki should never be used in place of treatment recommended by a veterinarian or medical doctor. Always consult a licensed physician before trying any alternative medicinal practices, including Reiki energy healing for animals.