Reflexology Online Home Reflexology Courses

Budding reflexologists can find plenty of information about reflexology online. Websites, message boards and social media sites provide information and assistance to people who want to learn basic reflexology. Online reflexology courses are available if you’re interested in more formal reflexology training.

Easy Reflexology Online

The safe nature of reflexology makes it possible to try reflexology without much formal training. If you miss the right reflex points, the worst you’ve done is give someone–or yourself–a nice foot massage. For many people, the information available on reflexology websites is all they need to practice reflexology on themselves and their families.

You may find conflicting information about reflexology online. Remember that different schools of thought exist in any area, including reflexology. Some people believe reflexology practitioners should only use the hands, while others prefer to combine hand pressure with specialized massage tools. Similarly, some practitioners use lotions, while others adhere to a dry reflexology practice. Such debates have no real right or wrong answers, so choose the type of reflexology you prefer.

Online Reflexology Courses

As your interest in reflexology deepens, you may want to take some home study reflexology courses. Online reflexology courses range from small video instructions on specific reflexology practices to accredited coursework that prepares people for work as professional reflexologists.

If you enroll in online reflexology courses in order to pursue a career in reflexology, you may wish to enroll in institutions accredited by the American Commission for the Accreditation of Reflexology, or ACAR. The ACAR website includes a list of accredited reflexology schools.

Some home study reflexology courses can be completed entirely through distance education and online classes. Other courses, especially those leading to accredited reflexology certificates, may require hands-on work with instructors. Possible topics of online reflexology courses include:

  • Acupressure
  • Basic anatomy
  • Ethics and reflexology
  • Massage therapy
  • Physiology courses
  • Running a reflexology clinic.

Reflexology Online Applications

Reflexology foot and hand charts are easily available online, and extremely helpful for anyone taking home study reflexology courses. Reflexology widgets or programs can be downloaded online that provide interactive reflexology charts. Smart phone users can also find reflexology apps for their phones.


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