Reflexology For Headaches Reflexology For Pain Relief

Reflexology for headaches operates on the principle that pressure points on the hands and feet affect the spine, neck, jaw and head. Stimulating the correct reflexology points through gentle massage provides reflexology headache relief.

Why Does Reflexology for Headaches Work?

Reflexology headache relief is based on the premise that stress and tension are major causes of headaches. Triggering reflexology headache points releases tension and promotes proper circulation. Understanding the relationship between reflexology and headaches helps you avoid unnecessary pain.

While combining reflexology and headaches can be very effective, don’t ignore headaches that suddenly change in intensity or frequency. Always report such changes to your doctor to rule out serious health conditions.

Headache Reflexology Points

A number of headache reflexology points provide relief from headache pain. Gently massaging the medial sides of the feet provides reflexology headache relief. The medial sides of the feet are the inner sides of the feet, from the bottom of the big toe on down to the heel. These reflexology points correspond to the spine, and can relieve stress headaches that begin with neck tension.

The big toes are also headache reflexology points. Gently massaging tender spots on the big toes can provide headache relief. Of course, you can’t slip off your shoes in a business meeting and start giving yourself a foot massage. Fortunately, reflexology for headaches is not confined to the feet. The hands also contain headache reflexology points.

The fleshy pad between the thumb and forefinger is one such point. Using the thumb of the other hand, gently massage any tender spots in this area for reflexology headache relief. You can also massage the first joints of the fingers (not the thumbs) if you have a sinus or allergy headache.

Reflexology and Migraines

Migraines require medical attention, if only to rule out other conditions. While reflexology probably won’t be your only source of relief from migraines, regular reflexology may reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

A Danish study published in “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine” (1999) evaluated 220 patients with migraine and/or tension headaches. After a maximum of six months of reflexology treatments, 81 percent of patients reported a reduction or cure of their headache symptoms, and 19 percent were able to discontinue their headache medicine.


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