Reflexology And Detoxification Cleansing The Body

Detoxification and cleansing systems work on the principle that toxins build up in the body over time, eventually causing fatigue and health problems. Some detoxification systems, such as colon cleansers, can be hard on the body and may be potentially dangerous. Reflexology cleansing offers a gentler way to cleanse the body of toxins.

Foot Reflexology Liver Cleansing

Reflexology works when pressure is applied to points on the hands and feet to stimulate areas of the body. Regular reflexology cleansing sessions are supposed to improve circulation and organ health while helping the body remove toxins.

The liver is often given special attention during foot reflexology. Liver reflex points are located on the outer sides of the soles of the feet, approximately halfway down the side of the foot. In theory, foot reflexology liver cleansing uses massage to encourage the liver’s natural filtering properties, helping cleanse the body of toxins.

Foot Reflexology Cleansing Pads

Reflexology and detoxification systems, such as Eastern herbalism, are often combined. For instance, some practitioners recommend herbal foot reflexology cleansing pads. Worn on the soles of the feet overnight, the cleansing pads are supposed to detoxify the body while you sleep.

The use of foot reflexology cleansing pads originates in the practice of applying herbal patches to the skin to remove disease. The idea, which may sound odd to Westerners, has its roots in Chinese and Japanese medicine.

Evidence for Reflexology and Detoxification

Very little clinical evidence exists proving the effectiveness of reflexology and detoxification of the body. What evidence does exist is mostly anecdotal.

However, advocates of foot reflexology cleansing claim many health benefits associated with regular reflexology, including reduced levels of stress and tension. Unlike many alternative cleansing systems, reflexology has few, if any, side effects when practiced with a licensed reflexologist, so most people can try reflexology without fear of serious complications.


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