Red Wine Survey

morefocus recently surveyed people’s opinions on wine consumption and health. Nearly 2,800 voiced their feelings on what moderation is, how much they consume, and how knowledge of wine’s health benefits has altered their consumption. Overwhelmingly, 94 percent of respondents agreed that moderate consumption of red wine is beneficial to health.

In general, people’s perception of “moderate” drinking fell in line with their own consumption practices. While most respondents (56 percent) defined moderation as two glasses of wine per day, 61 percent drink at most one glass of wine per day. Although less people tended to define three glasses of wine as moderate, the question about how much people consume listed a range of two to three glasses. Therefore, it is hard to say whether this smaller group who chose the two to three range tends to drink within their concept of moderation or exceed it.

Findings of current research have an enormous impact on people’s consumption patterns. 94 percent of respondents said they would drink more red wine knowing that it can prevent heart disease. Conversely, only 6 percent would continue drinking more white then red wine.

Many people (43 percent) related that they would like to see guidelines for healthy consumption on wine labels. Although the majority of respondents agreed on their concept of “moderate” drinking as two glasses daily, ironically peoples’ initial response is to not trust others’ concepts of “healthy consumption” and, thus, desire guidelines on wine labels. Nevertheless, 34 percent of respondents agreed that nothing should be done to labels, reaffirming faith in the fact that individual concepts of “healthy consumption” most likely will, and in fact already do, fall within a general consensus of “moderation.”

This survey on wine and health found that most respondents not only agreed that red wine has health benefits, but they also shared their concept of “moderate” drinking and tended to consume wine according to this notion.

Wine and Health Survey
Question/Answer Responses Percentage
Drinking wine from a young age, as part of family meals, encourages responsible drinking in adult life. 2344
Strongly Agree 479 20.44%
Agree 699 29.82%
Moderately Agree 455 19.41%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 328 13.99%
Moderately Disagree 97 4.14%
Disagree 185 7.89%
Strongly Disagree 102 4.35%
Red wine, in moderation, is beneficial to health. 2349
Strongly Agree 883 37.59%
Agree 1102 46.91%
Moderately Agree 222 9.45%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 74 3.15%
Moderately Disagree 17 0.72%
Disagree 28 1.19%
Strongly Disagree 24 1.02%
In your opinion, “moderate consumption” consists of how many normal glasses per day? 2354
one 708 30.08%
two 1315 55.86%
three 257 10.92%
four 46 1.95%
five 11 0.47%
six 17 0.72%
Current research suggests that red wines contain more of the substances that help prevent heart disease than do white wines. Would this information persuade you to do any of the following? (Select one) 1661
Drink more red wine, which I prefer over white 1176 70.80%
Drink more red wine, even though I don’t like it 98 5.90%
Drink more red wine, even though I prefer white 297 17.88%
Continue drinking more white than red wine 90 5.42%
Nothing, the information wouldn’t affect my choices 0 0.00%
If the media highlighted the health benefits of moderate wine drinking more often, do you think any of the following would occur? (Select all that apply) 2071
It would lead to a healthier lifestyle and more responsible drinking 1248 60.26%
Non-drinkers might be seduced into taking up drinking 503 24.29%
It might encourage under-age and irresponsible alcohol consumption 291 14.05%
There would be a backlash from anti-alcohol lobbies and temperance groups 609 29.41%
What information would you like to see added to wine labels? (Select all that apply) 2139
That red wine is potentially beneficial for your health 517 24.17%
That excess alcohol is dangerous 459 21.46%
A warning about the dangers of drinking and driving 527 24.64%
A warning about under-age drinking 301 14.07%
Nothing, labels are fine as they are 718 33.57%
Guidelines for healthy levels of consumption 928 43.38%
Approximately how many normal glasses of wine do you drink per day? 2160
0-1 1326 61.39%
2-3 726 33.61%
4-5 83 3.84%
6-7 13 0.60%
8 or more 12 0.56%
If you were completely convinced that wine was good for your health, would you drink more wine? 1309
Yes 464 35.45%
No 480 36.67%
Maybe 365 27.88%
Where are you from? 1580
United States 1164 73.67%
Canada 74 4.68%
United Kingdom 87 5.51%
Europe (other than UK) 83 5.25%
Australia/New Zealand 55 3.48%
Asia 49 3.10%
Central/South America 32 2.03%
Other 36 2.28%
What is your gender? 1535
Male 820 53.42%
Female 715 46.58%