Osteoarthritis Treatment

So now that you have an idea of what osteoarthritis is and how to live with it, you’re probably wondering whether a cure is available. The pain varies from barely noticeable to barely able to function, but you would like the pain to be gone for good, and the sooner the better.

You’ve probably already heard about traditional remedies or cures for the condition. Many elderly couples have retired to the Sun Belt, for example, because one or both of them suffered from arthritis and they assumed that dry or warm weather (or both) would relieve the pain.

Although soaking up the sun is fun, we now know that the severity of arthritis symptoms is completely unrelated to temperature, humidity or barometric pressure.

While no cure is currently available for osteoarthritis, numerous treatments are available to provide pain relief. The range of treatments varies from simple over-the-counter medications for mild osteoarthritis to surgical options for serious cases with other forms of treatment such as prescription medication and viscosupplementation in between.

If, despite lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet, your arthritis symptoms are affecting your quality of life it may be time to seek medical treatment. Talk with your doctor or surgeon about the potential side effects of each type of treatment and how much improvement in your symptoms you can reasonably expect.

Read on to learn more about orthopedic surgical options and osteoarthritis medications.