Osteoarthritis Living With Arthritis

Do you or any of your loved ones have arthritis pain? If so, you should know that, in most cases, people with arthritis can lead full, active lives by properly managing the condition. In fact, leading an active life and keeping weight down may be the best prevention and coping technique of all.

Arthritis Pain Relief

While difficult to avoid, injuries to the joints increase the risk of eventually developing osteoarthritis in those joints. This typically occurs many years after the injury. Although joint replacement is currently the only real remedy for severe osteoarthritis, many strategies exist to relieve the symptoms and provide a measure of pain relief.

Living With Arthritis: Take It Easy

Avoid putting too much stress on your joints, and don’t risk injuring your joints. Losing excess weight is essential to the proper management of osteoarthritis, and may be the most effective method of arthritis prevention in your control. Rubber heels on shoes with proper arch support can reduce jarring, and a walking stick, cane, or walker can be helpful if balance is a problem.

An open and honest dialogue with your physician is essential. Discuss exercise or physical therapy. Ask about any new arthritis prevention information or recently developed treatments for pain relief.

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