Nutrition For Recovery Nutrition And Injury And Foods For Recovery

Athletes and active people sometimes incur injuries that keep them grounded for a while, usually with special instructions from a doctor or trainer regarding the injury and its care.

Your exercise habits, however, are only one part of your routine that will likely need to change as you recover from an injury. Nutrition in recovery is also an important aspect of healing; at the very least, you should choose foods for recovery that don’t slow down the process, impede healing or make it difficult for you to return to peak performance once you’re back in the game.

Nutrition and Injury Recovery Considerations

Here are a few key things to bear in mind as you focus on nutrition for recovery:

  1. Iron, zinc, protein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and garlic can aid the healing process. Rather than taking commercial supplements, find these in green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, herbs, lean meats, healthy oils and fish whenever possible.
  2. Many athletes dealing with nutrition and injury recovery are concerned about weight gain. This is a valid concern, and sometimes, injured athletes actually eat more because of the stress and boredom of involuntary inactivity. Pay attention to changes in your eating habits. Don’t eat mindlessly, but don’t starve yourself either, since you’ll need adequate nutrition in order to heal.
  3. Radical changes to your diet are unlikely to make a dramatic difference during the healing process. For example, drinking more milk won’t heal a broken bone faster. However, a lifetime of adequate calcium intake will certainly pay off at this point. Years of benefits gained by healthy eating will make a significant difference when you find yourself grounded by an injury.


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