Newborns Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be a fun task for new parents. While some prefer more unique baby names, others choose family names or popular names.

Although new parents may disagree on names for their kids, it’s important to compromise and agree on something that works for both of you. Many new parents find it helpful to make lists of possibilities and slowly eliminate those that don’t please both parties.

While working with your partner (if possible) to choose your baby’s name is important, keep in mind that asking your friends and family members for their suggestions can be overwhelming and counterproductive. Everyone will have his or her own ideas, and too many opinions can just create arguments and confusion for the parents-to-be.

Most Popular Baby Names of 2006
Rank Boys Girls
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Ethan Isabella
5 Matthew Ava
6 Daniel Abigail
7 Christopher Olivia
8 Andrew Hannah
9 Anthony Sophia


William Samantha

Tips on How to Choose Baby Names

Once you and your partner begin brainstorming baby names, the following can be helpful tips:

  • Consider celebrity names or names of people you admire.
  • Consider family names (for both first names and middle names).
  • Consider family traditions (such as the name starting with a certain letter, etc.).
  • Consider the names of either parent.
  • Create your own names by blending names or altering traditional name endings.
  • Look over lists of popular names (Even if you don’t like popular names, these can provide inspiration for other similar names that you may like).
  • Make sure you say the names aloud, along with the last name that will follow the first name you choose. Make sure your baby’s new name will be compatible with his or her last name.
  • Take into account any nicknames (positive or negative) that can result from the names you are considering.
  • Write down all of your ideas.

No matter what, make sure the name you pick makes both parents feel comfortable. Compromise on both sides may be necessary for this to happen.

Many parents also find that looking up the meanings of names can help them choose a name. Qualities or meanings that are important to both parents can make a baby’s name more significant and meaningful.

Once You Have Settled on a Name

After new parents settle on a baby name, they will have to consider different possible spellings, as well as middle names. Some parents may opt to use one of their earlier name possibilities as a middle name. However, other middle name options can include:

  • family names
  • middle names or first names of the parent
  • the mother’s maiden name.

Make sure the middle name chosen complements the first and last names of the child. Additionally, consider what his or her initials will be.

Though you may be positive about the name you have chosen, make sure you and your partner settle on a few backup names as well. In some cases, when parents meet their newborns for the first time, they find that their original choice does not suit the baby or that other names come to mind.


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