Natural And Alternative Treatments For Dry Eye Syndrome

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome and don’t want the hassle of visiting the doctor’s office and obtaining a prescription, you may want to try alternative treatments for dry eyes. Many people find relief from these relatively simple and often inexpensive treatments.

Self-Care to Control Dry Eyes

Washing your eyes and eyelids frequently may help reduce inflammation and redness caused by chronic dry eyes. This technique is especially important for individuals who have other eye issues that may be causing their dry eyes, such as blepharitis, or the inflammation of eyelash follicles or eyelids. Using warm water and a very mild soap is recommended.
Resting your eyes frequently can reduce redness and inflammation, and help you feel better overall, especially if your condition is caused by reading or working long hours in front of a computer screen.
Utilizing an indoor air filter or humidifier can keep the air quality within your home or office ideal and cut back on dryness and irritation.

Heat Therapy

Some people find relief from dry, scratchy eyes through heat therapy. To try this, make sure your eyes are closed and then apply a hot (not scalding) compress to the eye area for 10 to 15 minutes to bring relief. This is one of the easiest and least expensive dry eye treatments.
Other methods include steam therapy. You can try this by sitting in a hot shower or by leaning over a boiling pot with a towel over your head to keep the steam from dispersing–the steam shouldn’t be too hot while attempting this.

Shielding the Eyes to Reduce Dryness and Inflammation

Many people who suffer from dry eyes elect to wear glasses or sunglasses that fit close to the face (such as safety goggles and wrap around shades). These shields can help slow the evaporation of tears from the eye’s surface. In addition, they’ll protect already dry and irritated eyes from debris contamination.
In more extreme cases, an optometrist may elect to prescribe special contacts that keep the surface of your eye protected–sometimes called bandage lenses or corneal shields. They help keep moisture trapped within the eye, and shield the eye from exterior dirt and debris.
Coping with dry eye syndrome, or keratitis sicca, can be unpleasant. If these alternative treatments don’t produce the desired results, talk to your doctor about other methods of treating dry eyes.