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You don’t need to go under the knife to get younger-looking skin. For many guys, firmer, smoother skin can easily be achieved with the right men’s skin care routine. If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, read on for our five skin tips for young skin without surgery.

Five Tips for Young Skin Without Surgery

If you want to change the appearance of your skin dramatically, you may have to seek the help of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. However, any man can get healthier skin with the right skin care routine. Here are our top five skin tips for men:

  1. Eat healthy: A healthy, balanced diet is essential for good skin. Choose foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamin A, which is found in many dairy products.
  2. Follow a skin care routine: Choose skin care products tailored for your skin type, and follow your skin care routine every day.
  3. Hydrate: For optimal men’s skin health, drink 64 ounces of water a day.
  4. Manage stress: When you’re stressed, your skin is stressed, which can lead to breakouts.
  5. Quit smoking: Aside from a myriad of other health problems smoking causes, it can also make your skin look older. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in your skin. This leaves your skin lacking the vitamins and oxygen it needs to stay healthy and youthful-looking.

Choosing a Men’s Skin Care Routine

One of the most tried and true ways to keep your skin youthful is to follow a daily men’s skin care routine that’s tailored to your needs and skin type. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or you’re worried about wrinkles, follow these skin tips on a daily basis:

  • Apply anti-aging cream: If you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, try adding an anti-aging cream to your routine. Many over-the-counter products can be used at night, while you’re sleeping.
  • Cleanse: You should cleanse the skin each morning and at night with a product made for your skin type. Use gentle circular motions and lukewarm water, then pat – don’t rub – dry.
  • Moisturize: For hydrated skin, use a moisturizer each day. If your skin is oily, choose a light, oil-free moisturizer.
  • Use sunscreen: When it comes to men’s skin health, staying out of the sun is essential. However, when you must be exposed to sunlight, you’ll need to protect your skin from its harmful rays. These rays cause damage to your skin and advance the appearance of aging. Choose a sunscreen with at least a SPF of 15.


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