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If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s important to understand how to best find and compare plastic surgeons.

In fact, it’s a little-known fact that the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are often considered to be very different.

  • As a subspecialty of medicine and surgery, cosmetic surgery uses surgical and medical techniques to enhance your appearance.
  • Plastic reconstructive surgery uses surgical and medical techniques for reconstruction of the face and body because of a birth defect or trauma.

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are looking for cosmetic or plastic surgeons, start by asking your general practitioner for a recommendation. Other resources include:

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Both the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are professional medical organizations that work to educate the public about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Referrals from friends and family members: Ask your trusted friends and family members who have used a cosmetic surgeon and had good results.
  • Referrals from local medical schools: Local medical schools in your area may be able to provide you the names of plastic surgeons that are on staff or teach there.

Questions to Ask Potential Surgeons

You may want to interview a few surgeons before you settle on one you’re comfortable with. In order to make sure you’re choosing the best plastic surgeon, you should ask the following questions before making an appointment.

  • Are you board certified?
  • Do you have “before and after” photos I can see?
  • Do you have extended hours or weekend hours?
  • Do you have references from other patients?
  • How many procedures have you performed?
  • With which procedures are you most comfortable?

After your initial appointment with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon, you’ll know if you want to keep this person on your personal team of medical professionals, or if you’ll need to find a better match.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgery, the average plastic surgery patient is 41. Younger patients traditionally receive liposuction or a nose job, while older patients most commonly opt for an eye lift or Botox®. No matter what you’re interested in, your comfort and trust in your cosmetic surgeon is paramount. Make sure to shop around, check credentials and schedule meetings with several surgeons before you settle on one.


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