Mens Skin Care Male Plastic Surgery Surgeon Vs Dermatologist

If you want to improve your skin’s appearance, you may be wondering whether you should make an appointment with a dermatologist, or if it’s time to see a plastic surgeon. Both plastic surgeons and dermatologists can help your skin look youthful, smooth and healthy–but which option is right for you?

Both dermatologists and plastic surgeons are medical professionals. However, plastic surgery involves surgical procedures, while a dermatologist generally performs non-surgical procedures in an office setting. Cosmetic procedures done by dermatologists are usually temporary, such as Botox® or soft tissue fillers. Cosmetic procedures done by plastic surgeons are generally permanent (like a nose job or face lift).

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery uses surgical and medical techniques to permanently enhance or alter your appearance. Cosmetic/plastic surgeons can help your appearance with the following:

  • Abdominoplasty: Known as a “tummy tuck,” this procedure removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscles in the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty: An eye lift that involves removing or moving fat deposits, skin and muscle in the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Calf lift: No matter how much exercise they do, some men find it difficult to tone their calf muscles. Men can opt for calf implants to achieve this look.
  • Face/neck lift: As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity. This plastic surgery tightens the muscles around your face and neck, and removes any sagging skin.
  • Forehead lift: If you have baggy upper eyelids, plastic surgeons can help tighten the skin in the upper half of your face.
  • Genioplasty: Chin augmentation can help make the face look stronger and more balanced.
  • Hair transplantation: Men can have a hair transplant anywhere they wish to have more hair, including the head, chest and arms.
  • Liposculpture: Also known as liposuction, this plastic surgery removes unwanted fat.
  • Male breast reduction: Women aren’t the only candidates for a breast reduction. Some men who suffer from excessive breast development (gynecomastia) may opt for a breast reduction.
  • Rhinoplasty: If you don’t like the appearance of your nose or have trouble breathing, a nose job can help open a deviated septum and/or change the shape of your nose.

Upper and Lower Eye Lift Procedures - Male Plastic Surgery


Dermatologists are medically-trained skin care professionals that treat conditions of the skin, help improve the skin’s appearance, and diagnose and treat skin cancer.

A dermatologist can help with the appearance of your skin with the following procedures:

  • Acne: Even adults get acne. A dermatologist is the best resource to help you with your acne. Dermatologists can prescribe antibiotics or other medications you may need.
  • Botox®: Men who want to improve the appearance of fine lines on their forehead or around the eyes can use Botox® to weaken the muscles, reducing wrinkles.
  • Chemical peel: During a chemical peel, dermatologists burn away the outer layer of skin, revealing younger, smoother skin.
  • Laser and light-based hair removal: A dermatologist can use lasers and light to remove hair in unwanted places like the back or chest.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: Dark circles under the eyes and scarred skin can benefit from this procedure.
  • Soft tissue fillers: Dermatologists use products like Restylane® or Juvederm® are used to plump out deep wrinkles.
  • Tattoo removal: A dermatologist can use lasers to safely remove tattoos, though this procedure can be lengthy, painful and expensive.


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