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Medical tourism, or going to a foreign country for plastic surgery, is increasing in popularity. Some medical tourism packages even combine plastic surgery with vacationing and tourist activities.

However, it is extremely important to do some research and learn about the safety of having plastic surgery abroad before considering medical tourism. Medical standards are not the same in every country, and surgeons do not always have to undergo the same education and certification processes that we take for granted in the United States.

Plastic Surgeons Abroad

Checking education and credentials can be more difficult with surgeons in foreign countries, but it’s very important for your safety to put in the extra effort.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provides a list of approved surgeons practicing in foreign countries. This can help you learn whether or not your plastic surgeon is qualified. If you can’t find out if a particular surgeon is qualified, look for another doctor.

Post-Operative Care Overseas

With plastic surgery procedures overseas, it’s also important to check on how your post-operative care will be handled. You will need to know whether you will be staying in a hospital and whether your surgeon be checking on you.

If you’re staying at a hotel, it’s also important to arrange transport to and from your surgery location ahead of time. You should have your surgeon’s contact information with you and should be aware of any warning signs of surgery complications.

If you will be returning home before your recovery period has ended, it’s also important to know when you should go to a doctor or surgeon for a follow-up check appointment. A surgeon or doctor will need to make sure that no complications have occurred and that everything is healing normally.

Most strenuous activities should be avoided after having plastic surgery, so any medical tourism package that includes activities or that requires a lot of movement should be avoided.

Long flights can also be harmful to those who have recently undergone plastic surgery. Discuss recommended activity levels with your surgeon before making travel plans. Most procedures will require a waiting period of five to seven days or more before taking a flight.

Medical Tourism as a Money-Saver

Many people turn to medical tourism because procedures can cost less when they are performed abroad. However, this saved money should be weighed against the possibility of complications.

In some cases, plastic surgery that is performed abroad can be botched or can require follow-up procedures, which can end up costing patients far more money in the long run.

Things to Know About Medical Tourism

Though there can be added dangers involved with having plastic surgery in a foreign country, patients can help ensure their own safety by arming themselves with information.

Make sure you know the following before considering a plastic surgery procedure abroad:

  • how complications with surgery will be handled
  • how many of the procedures the surgeon has performed in the past
  • what risks are involved with your surgery
  • what the cost of surgery is and what payment types are accepted
  • what the procedure entails
  • what the recovery period is and what can be expected
  • where the procedure will be performed
  • whether the surgical facility is certified or accredited
  • whether your surgeon is certified.


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