Mens Skin Care Facial Hair Removal

Women aren’t the only ones concerned about hair removal. Many men shave their face each day, and some don’t like the patches of hair on their back or chest. If you’re interested in hair removal options, read on for at-home hair removal tips and available professional services.

Stages of Hair Growth

There are three stages of hair growth that occur:

  • Anagen: This stage, which takes about three to six years, is the most active stage of hair growth.
  • Catagen: In this transition stage, hair no longer grows, but it sheds.
  • Telegen: In this resting stage of hair growth, the follicles recede, preparing for new hair growth (Anagen).

Stages of Hair Growth - Hair Removal

If you’re interested in removing hair quicker than the natural process allows, you have several options.

Home Hair Removal Options

When it comes to home hair removal, truly permanent options aren’t available yet. However, there are a variety of affordable, easy home options that can help you remove unwanted hair, including:

  • Hair removal cream: Some choose to use over-the-counter hair removal cream at home. Be sure to read all the directions and only use it on the areas the cream is intended for. Some hair removal cream can irritate sensitive skin.
  • Plucking: This process can be painful, but it’s one of the easiest and most effective options for removing just a few stray hairs, particularly from the middle of your eyebrows.
  • Shaving: To get rid of men’s facial hair, the best option is to shave. Choose a razor that’s right for your hair type – multiple-blade razors aren’t advised for men with curly hair, as they can lead to ingrown hairs and razor burn. Men who are swimmers or cyclists may also want to shave their legs.
  • Wax hair removal: This process can be safe to do at home, but for areas such as the back or chest, it’s better to let a professional wax you in a salon setting.

Professional Hair Removal Options

Seeing a licensed professional to remove unwanted hair may be necessary for long term results and areas that you can’t easily reach yourself, such as the back. Professional hair removal options include:

  • Electrolysis hair removal: This process can be used on most parts of the body, and destroys the hair follicle either chemically or using heat. Hair is unable to grow back where follicles are destroyed by electrolysis, but the process is slow. Men may choose electrolysis hair removal for hair on the back, chest, neck, shoulders or stomach.
  • Laser hair removal: This process usually requires a few treatments, and though it is permanent, it can be painful and expensive. Laser hair removal can be used on most parts of the body. The laser works with the melanin in the skin, so people with fair skin and dark hair get the best results. Besides electrolysis hair removal, laser hair removal is one of the longest lasting methods for hair removal.
  • Waxing: This sometimes-painful hair removal process can be done by a licensed professional to remove large patches of hair on the chest and back.


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