Meditation Music

Generally speaking, meditation is the act of relaxing your body and mind and tuning out your thoughts. Using music for meditation purposes can help you calm your body, mind and spirit as you focus on it. When you use music for meditation, you listen to soothing music or sounds while relaxing your body and quieting your thoughts. This music can come from a variety of sources, such as a CD, radio or a meditation music download.

Meditative music can be a particularly effective tool for people who get distracted during silent meditation. Relaxing, soothing music or chants give you something to focus on, helping to calm your mind and body. You can combine various types of music with any form of meditation.

Using Music for Meditation

First, you’ll need to choose your music for meditation. Unless you’re interested in guided meditation, look for music without any identifiable lyrics or words, as these tend to stimulate your rational left brain—the side you’re trying to quiet. Instead, look for soothing instrumental or nature sounds to engage the right, intuitive side of your brain. Popular types of meditation music include:

  • Classical music: Classical music that is soft and soothing to the ears can help you concentrate and relax.
  • Gregorian chanting: For centuries now, people all over the world have used chanting as a means of meditation.
  • Instrumental music: This type of soft music, which usually consists of classical guitar, violin, piano or flute, is ideal for helping you to focus and unwind.
  • Nature sounds: Nature sounds may be the best type of “music” for meditation. You can get nature sounds from a meditation music download, or you can purchase a CD of nature sounds.

Then, find a peaceful place to meditate. You may want to use headphones to better focus on the music. Adjust the volume and sit or lay down in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

Now, just relax. As you breathe naturally, let your mind focus on the music. If any distracting thoughts pop in, simply acknowledge them, let them go and return your focus to the music. Continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

Keep in mind that your breathing and mind focus are important aspects of meditation, even when you use music for meditation. Whether you choose a meditation music download for your practice or you get the music for your meditation from a CD or DVD, music can only enhance your meditation experience.


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