Meditation Guided

Guided meditation allows individuals to meditate when and where they choose. Also known as “guided relaxation,” guided meditation methods can instill peace of mind, improve overall health, further self-awareness, enhance the creative process and promote wellbeing.

How Guided Meditation Works

Guided meditation or relaxation takes you on a journey through music, or via a script or a narrative. As with many types of meditation, you’ll need to sit or lie down in a relaxed position with your spine straight. The goal is to relax both your mind and body simultaneously, moving into a meditative state.

Focus on every aspect of the voice or the script, including music, sounds and scenarios. A script may also integrate affirmations, or positive statements that you repeat. For example: “I am patient,” “I have a beautiful body” or “I can quit smoking.” After repeating the script in a trace-like state, you may feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Guided meditation sessions can last anywhere from three to 30 minutes, depending on your preferences. Unlike other, more expensive forms of hypnotherapy, you can often access many guided meditation materials for free or the cost of a CD or audio download.

Many beginning practitioners of meditation often prefer guided meditation because it’s easier to concentrate on music or a voice guiding you into a relaxed state. This is especially true with our busy daily lives full of information that can clutter our minds.

Guided Meditation Materials

If you’re interested in guided relaxation, you can begin in many ways. Some people prefer group classes that teach these skills. You don’t need a class to practice guided mediation, though. You only need a few minutes alone in a calm, relaxing setting to practice guided meditation.

If you choose this route, however, you’ll need to locate your own materials, which you can often find on the Internet, at specialty gift stores, bookstores or at your local library. These materials may come in the form of a written guide, with step-by-step instructions, or as audio guided meditation with voice or simply music.

Benefits of Guided Relaxation

Guided relaxation can help restore your body to a calm state and leave you feeling relaxed. Many of those who practice guided meditation experience the following, sometimes after a single session:

  • Ability to better manage thoughts
  • Calmed breathing
  • Clearer decision-making and problem solving
  • Further self-awareness
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased happiness
  • Reduced heart rate.

People of all ages have begun reaping the benefits of guided meditation. The stresses of life can take quite a toll, so take a break from your daily chores, and treat yourself to a guided relaxation session. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


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