Male Pattern Baldness Effects

Many men are deeply unhappy about losing their hair to male pattern baldness. They may go to great lengths to compensate for the loss of hair, and the emotional effects of baldness can affect a man’s self-image, in turn affecting his work, his relationships and his happiness.

Baldness sufferers may become completely preoccupied with finding a way to treat their baldness. However, an emotional or snap decision about baldness treatment may make you vulnerable to scams or expensive treatment options that aren’t necessarily right for you.

Psychological Effects of Baldness

Men suffering from male pattern baldness may experience a host of related emotional and psychological effects. This is not abnormal, but remember you don’t need to live with depression or anxiety. These effects may include:

  • Depression
  • Frustration, especially after several treatments have no effect
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Willingness to try any treatment.

Dealing with the Emotional Effects of Baldness

If you’re having trouble dealing with the psychological effects of male pattern baldness, consider the following:

  • Educate yourself about baldness. By understanding your male pattern baldness, you can best decide how to cope with and manage losing your hair.
  • Join a support group. Men will often shy away from support groups, but such groups can be a useful tool in coping with the emotional effects of baldness.

Talk to your loved ones about your feelings. You’ll undoubtedly find that your friends and family aren’t nearly as worried about your hair loss as you are. However, if balding is a source of anxiety, stress or self-consciousness for you, it may help to tell family about your feelings. They may not realize how balding affects you emotionally.

Avoiding a Phony Baldness Cure

There will always be people who try to take advantage of men’s self-consciousness as they deal with male pattern baldness. Though your balding may be upsetting to you, don’t let your emotions get the better of you, and remember there’s no such thing as a magical baldness cure. All decisions about hair loss treatment should be made carefully with the input of a knowledgeable, trusted doctor.


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