Learn How To Reduce Your Back Pain With Viniyoga

Yoga, a non-aerobic practice for improving posture and realigning muscles, can help ease upper and lower back pain. If you want to treat your ailment, but fear the potential complications of surgery, you may be able to reduce your back pain with yoga therapy.

How Does Yoga Therapy Reduce Back Pain?

Yoga therapy can improve your musculoskeletal condition (the state of your spine’s structure and its surrounding muscles), as a form of physical therapy. Yoga therapy instructors offer one-on-one instruction, designing a series of postures specifically for the practitioner, and many provide chiropractic adjustments.

While performing yoga therapy, you will use stretching, breathing and meditation to help relax the interiors of your body, thereby helping you achieve improved balance while realigning your bones and muscles.

Additionally, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Forrest and many other forms of yoga have been found to strengthen the back.

Can Yoga Therapy Help Me Identify My Back Problem?

Yoga therapy is an alternative form of medicine that cannot positively identify the potential displacement causing your back pain. If you want to optimize your treatment with yoga therapy, you should first consult a medical professional who can properly identify the specific nature of your injury.

What Are Some Common Back Conditions That Yoga Therapy Can Help Treat Or Prevent?

Three major musculoskeletal conditions cause chronic back pain:

  • Kyphosis: an irregular curvature found in the upper back
  • Lordosis: an irregular curvature found in the lower back
  • Scoliosis: irregular or lateral displacement found in the upper and lower back.

All three of these conditions can be present at birth or manifest later in life. However, many other back problems are treatable and preventable with the practice of yoga therapy. You should consult your doctor before making the decision to buy a yoga mat.

What Are the Dangers Of Yoga Therapy?

Although yoga therapy is an alternative and non-aerobic form of medicine, the practice has its risks. Yoga, like any form of exercise, demands physicality, so make sure you’re aware of your limitations before performing the more difficult vinyasa sequence. Vinyasa is ordered sequentially to help you perform yoga in an effective, natural flow.

Performing yoga stretches incorrectly can worsen your condition, so make sure you learn the basics from a professional before trying yoga therapy on your own. If you’re interested in yoga for treating the back pain associated with pregnancy, prenatal yoga for expectant mothers might be more beneficial.