Instructions In A Reiki Master Manual

Reiki masters write Reiki manuals to maintain authenticity and guide students appropriately. Instructions in a Reiki master manual will instruct a student in everything, from the basics to the most advanced Reiki healing practices.

Using a Reiki Master Manual
There’s no definitive Reiki master manual; even the most highly visible proponents of Reiki healing and training remind us that the Usui Reiki has diversified in many ways since its inception.

Three distinct types of manuals are available for prospective students:

  • Comprehensive Reiki master manuals that are periodically updated and evolving
  • Mikao Usui’s original manual (the founder of Reiki)
  • Reiki manuals that teach students of a specific skill level in their training (first-level through master-level).
  • For beginners, these books are a good resource to self-teach Reiki, although many Reiki masters believe in the oral tradition of teaching, and therefore avoid using manuals.

    Restrictions on Reiki Healing Manuals
    The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) will only sell comprehensive master’s manuals to Reiki Masters certified by the organization. The manuals cover everything from a compact history of the Western Reiki movement to Reiki Symbols and the Reiki Crystal Grid–which is believed to allow you to send Reiki energy to yourself continuously.

    Because most of the content in a Reiki master manual is considered powerful and sacred, the ICRT stresses that the manuals should only be available to masters who understand the methods. This belief stems from reverence for the practice rather than concerns over safety issues, as Reiki practitioners believe that Reiki energy can never damage anything.

    Becoming a Reiki Master
    If you want to learn more about Reiki and the manuals, consider taking local classes in Reiki. Many instructions in the Reiki master manual may seem obscure and mystical in nature to the uninitiated. These methods are lucid in the context of a larger philosophy, which requires the skill and expertise of a Reiki master to be explained.

    If you want to become a Reiki master, take steps toward understanding Reiki symbols.