Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis Weight Loss

Research shows that self-hypnosis can help prevent and address a variety of health problems, including anxiety, depression, fear and sleep issues.People who are struggling with their weight have even turned to hypnosis. Weight loss can be difficult, and self-hypnosis may help people lose weight, maintain their weight and get in shape.

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

With self-hypnosis, you enter a relaxed, yet focused, state of mind all on your own. In this altered state of consciousness, many people believe that by repeating specific thoughts, or by telling the mind to think in a particular way, these thoughts will be acted out in your daily lives. For example, if you think negative thoughts about your weight each day, you may feel hopeless and unmotivated to even try to lose weight. In most cases, you may not know you are sabotaging your conscious weight loss plans. With self-hypnosis for weight management, you may be able to retrain your thoughts.

If you tell yourself you’re capable of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, you may start to believe it and take steps to achieve or maintain this goal. Self-hypnosis for weight management may help you enter a relaxed state of mind that’s free of judgment and the chatter of the outside world. In this relaxed state, you may be able to gain a better sense of control over your own thoughts, your bad habits and your body.

As with other types of hypnosis, self-hypnosis encourages you to get comfortable, unwind and tune out the outside world when you practice. However, unlike other types of hypnosis, no solid studies prove the effectiveness of self-hypnosis for weight loss. Be cautious about how reliant you are on this type of therapy.

Controversy Surrounding Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Thinking in a positive manner about yourself and working to build your confidence through meditation is never a bad thing, but self-hypnosis for weight loss may not work as well as many advertisers would like you to believe. Research has yet to support self-hypnosis for weight loss, and experts warn against phonies who may be simply trying to take your money by selling DVDs, books and guides to self-hypnosis for weight management.

Researchers do, however, acknowledge the health benefits of relaxation skills like self-hypnosis. Combined with healthy eating, daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle, hypnosis for weight loss may help you get to—and maintain—a healthy body weight. The overall message? No harm can come from self-hypnosis for weight loss, but don’t rely solely on this practice to lose weight. Instead, try combining self-hypnosis with a healthy lifestyle.


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