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Like most expectant mothers, you’re probably worried about the inevitable pain associated with childbirth. Your obstetrician has most likely suggested various types of drugs to help ease the pain. However, if you’re looking for a more natural, drug-free childbirth, hypnosis may be the answer. Learn about self-hypnosis for childbirth and decide if this approach is right for you.

Pain Management for Childbirth

Each woman experiences childbirth differently. The amount of pain you’ll feel may vary from how your family and friends may have felt. By educating yourself and preparing your pain management regimen ahead of time, you may have a more enjoyable childbirth experience.

Doctors typically give analgesics or anesthetics to expectant mothers during labor. If you feel uncomfortable taking these drugs during childbirth, hypnosis is another alternative.

Childbirth and Hypnosis

Childbirth and hypnosis have long been linked; hypnosis can help ease and manage pain during labor. In preparation for childbirth, self-hypnosis is just as much a philosophy as it is a technique. If you practice self-hypnosis, childbirth may be associated with more positive thoughts. You may also eliminate the fear-tension cycle that many women experience prior to delivery.

During self-hypnosis for childbirth, you eliminate your fears regarding pain on a subconscious level, while enabling your body to completely relax. With each contraction, focus on your breathing and use your imagination to take your mind to a peaceful place, such as a beach or rose garden. Taking in all that you see, hear and feel around your peaceful place may take your mind off the pain of each contraction. The more you practice using your imagination to reach a deep trance, the easier each contraction will get. You can also combine music with childbirth and hypnosis to assist in distracting your mind from the pain.

Have your partner help you practice self-hypnosis techniques before the delivery. By using your imagination, controlling your breathing and freeing your mind from worry, your childbirth may be an enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Childbirth Hypnosis

If you choose to practice self-hypnosis, your childbirth experience may very well be positively affected. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Higher Apgar scores, which measure the baby’s wellbeing at the time of delivery
  • Lower chance of having a Cesarean delivery (C-section)
  • Reduced need for pain medications
  • Shorter labor.

Choosing Self-Hypnosis for Childbirth

If you’re interested in using self-hypnosis for childbirth, discuss these methods with your obstetrician—this approach to pain management may not be right for every woman. However, the more relaxed you are during your pregnancy and at the time of your child’s birth, the healthier you both will be!


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