Hypnotherapy First Session

Many people don’t know what to expect in their first hypnotherapy session. Although you may be intimidated by taking this first step, you don’t have to be nervous—hypnosis sessions are painless and may even be relaxing! Learn how to prepare for your first session with a hypnotherapist.

Before Your First Hypnotherapy Session

Before your first hypnosis session, you should know what you hope to gain and exactly what you’d like to change. In addition, prepare any questions that you have about hypnosis. Your hypnotherapist will likely ask questions about your medical history and that of your family members. If possible, obtain this information before your first hypnosis session. Although hypnotherapy isn’t considered dangerous, obtaining a medical history is standard to any practice.

Your First Hypnotherapy Session

After you fill out some new patient paperwork, your hypnotherapist will ask you for a detailed description of what you’d like to change, including any background that may contribute to these issues. With this information, your hypnotherapist can pinpoint specifically what she needs to do. She will then explain the process of hypnotherapy, clarify what can and cannot be accomplished in hypnotherapy sessions, and discuss a plan of approach for your specific case. Next, your hypnotherapist will answer any questions you may have.

Common questions posed by patients during their first hypnosis session are:

  • Can I be hypnotized?
  • How will it feel?
  • Will I be in control of what I am saying or doing?
  • What are the forms of hypnotherapy?
  • What can I gain from hypnotherapy?

A skilled hypnotherapist will answer all of these questions and more during the first hypnosis session to make sure you’re at ease and completely ready for the hypnotherapy process.

After establishing rapport with you, charting an approach and answering any questions, your hypnotherapist will guide you into a hypnotic trance. This “induction” phase doesn’t require any special practice on the patient’s end. A hypnotic trance may be quite relaxing and comforting, since the hypnotherapist does all of the work. While you’re under hypnosis, your hypnotherapist may utilize various techniques to meet your desired goals.

Subsequent Hypnotherapy Sessions

After your first hypnosis session, your hypnotherapist will schedule additional sessions, depending on your goals, needs and progress. Subsequent sessions will differ from the first hypnosis session because they won’t require all of the introductory information. Although some patients report significant changes after their first appointment, most people require several sessions to reach their goals.


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