Hypnotherapy Common Uses Natal

Natal hypnotherapy is a type of hypnosis that some expectant mothers use while preparing for childbirth. Hypnotherapy for birth can help these women—and their partners—learn skills that may facilitate relaxation and limit pain before and during labor and delivery.

Preparing for Childbirth

Some women decide to see an obstetrician and give birth in a hospital, while others prefer to hire a midwife and deliver at home. Regardless of your desired setting, hypnotherapy may be an excellent way to prepare for labor. Techniques taught in these classes may mitigate the associated pain, eliminate fears and make birthing a truly wonderful experience.

Preparing for Labor with Hypnotherapy

During hypnotherapy for childbirth, mothers and partners learn to view pregnancy and childbirth as natural and joyful experiences. In these classes, which usually consist of four to seven sessions, couples address their worries. The natal hypnotherapist helps to find solutions for these fears, ultimately releasing them. Fear and anxiety produce adrenaline and tension, both of which can lead to halted labor and additional pain.

Hypnotherapy for birth may also include self-hypnosis techniques. Some mothers can learn to induce a hypnotic state on their own, as a means of natural pain relief. These techniques may include guided imagery, which can calm the mind and help expectant mothers focus on positive thoughts.

Effectiveness of Natal Hypnotherapy

Many factors can affect the success of hypnotherapy for birth preparation, including the instructor’s skill, the mother’s suggestibility and the couple’s dedication to the process. Both partners must be committed to learning the techniques.

With dedication, receptiveness and regular practice of the techniques learned in class, you may experience significant pain reduction and you will likely find yourself approaching pregnancy and childbirth with an even more positive attitude. Some women have reported an enjoyable, pain-free labor using hypnotherapy for birth techniques.

Choosing Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

If you’re open to the idea of learning to control pain and anxiety on your own, and you and your partner are committed to the process, natal hypnotherapy may be a good choice for you. In addition to helping you manage your pain, some other benefits of hypnotherapy for childbirth include:

  • A child unaffected by the use of drugs
  • A state of alertness during labor
  • Less likelihood of needing drugs for pain
  • Shorter labor due to less resistance.


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