Hiv Aids Support Groups

While researchers are working hard to develop a cure or vaccine for HIV, it is important for HIV positive individuals to attend to all aspects of their health. In addition to antiretroviral therapy that promotes physical well being, HIV support groups offer comfort and assistance on the mental and emotional levels. The following lists a variety of HIV support groups, ranging from online forums to local meetings and clinical trial opportunities.

Online HIV Support Groups

HIV-Support: Unmediated, Internet discussion list for all genders and sexual orientations. Open to those with HIV or those who know someone with HIV.

HealingWell: Open online forum to post and respond to blogs relating to those infected with HIV.

TeenAIDS: Online resource with a discussion forum coming in 2006 for teens living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV Anonymous: Anonymous online resource and discussion forum that also holds online “meetings.”

Support Groups with Meetings

Womens Health: Governmental resource for women with HIV. Includes information on local support group meetings and clinical trial opportunities.

CDC, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention: National AIDS hotline that can refer English/Spanish speakers as well as the deaf to local resources for support group meetings. 1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636) or for TTY, 1-888-232-6348.

HIV Support: A list of contact information for national support groups (in New York, Chicago, San Fransico, L.A.) and clinical trial opportunities.

AIDSinfo: Offers a national search for clinical trial opportunities ranging from alternative medicines to prevention vaccines to treatment interupption.

Adolescent AIDS: National resource for teens with HIV. Provides information on local support groups and clinical trial opportunities specifically geared towards adolescents with HIV.

Advocates for Youth: National resource for teens wanting to make informed decisions about sex and their parents. Provides access to local hotlines for adolescents and specially tailored online communities for young African American, Asian American, Native American and Hispanic women, young Latino men, and all gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/questioning (GLBTQ) youth.