Hair Skin Care

The Importance of Skin Care Image

Caring for you hair and skin is a big thing these days.

While beauty may only be skin deep, people have placed an importance on looking young and healthy. Looking good seems to do wonders for confidence and self-esteem.

And who can blame them? We’ve all been through it. Worried that the one big pimple on your nose won’t go away by picture day, or afraid that your date might stare at the mole right smack dab in the middle of your forehead, or that just when you want great hair it turns out to be a “bad hair day, people go to great lengths to take care of their hair and skin.

But as the saying goes, beauty is more than skin deep. Your skin is important for so many other reasons. It acts as a barrier between your organs and the outside world. The world isn’t a friendly place. It’s filled with viruses, bacteria, and a host of other microorganisms just itching to get under your skin, literally. Your skin also plays a role in mediating water loss and electrolyte balance. Without your skin, you’d be nothing but a dried up husk.

It’s true these technical reasons don’t concern us as much, but it’s okay. As long as we take care of our skin. What does it matter if you’re striving to keep your hair and skin young and healthy so you can get a date instead of because you want to stay moisturized? You’re still taking care of your hair and skin, and really, that’s all that matters.