Hair Skin Care Spray Gel Mousse

A visit to any drug store or grocery store will show you that the options are endless when it comes to hair care styling products like hair sprays, gels and mousses. With the vast number of options on the market, nearly everyone can find a hair styling product to suit his or her needs.

Hair care products can:

  • add volume
  • bring out color
  • decrease frizz
  • decrease volume
  • hold a style in place
  • increase shine
  • keep curls held tight
  • make straightening easier
  • sculpt hair easily into styles.

The above is by no means an all-inclusive list. No matter what you want you hair to do, a specific product is likely available to help you.

However, unless you style your hair in exactly the same way each day, the plethora of styling product choices can leave you with quite a few products to buy and store. As a result, finding a few key products that can be used in different ways is usually the best solution. The most common and versatile hair styling products include:

  • hair gels
  • hair mousses
  • hair sprays.

Hair Gels

Hair gels can be used to sculpt hair, smooth hair for easier blow drying or other heat styling or simply to hold a style in place. Some are sticky, some are scented and some are far stronger than others.

When choosing hair gel strength, think about what you want to accomplish with the hair gel. If you want to create loose curls that fall naturally, you’ll want a less severe gel than someone who’s trying to sculpt a Mohawk on top of his head.

Use your judgment when choosing a hair gel. At first, it’s a good idea to go with well-known brands or brands you’re familiar with. Similarly, opt for a milder gel at first and then slowly work your way up to strong types until you find the one best suited for you. While milder gels may not hold as well, starting off with stronger gels can leave your hair looking like a goopy mess.

When using hair gel, start with a very small amount. Often, an amount the size of a quarter or nickel will go a long way. You can always add more gel as you go, but, if you overdo it early on in the styling process, then your hair can look oily, greasy or crunchy.

Hair Mousses

Hair mousses are lighter and have an airier texture than hair gels. They typically come in an aerosol form that allows you to push a button to squeeze out the desired amount. Follow the package directions when deciding how much to use.

However, like hair gel, you may want to start with a small amount and work your way up to avoid oily or crunchy hair.

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are among the most popular of all hair styling products. As the finishing touch of any style, hair sprays are designed to hold hair in place, often in spite of wind and rain.

Like hair gels, hair sprays come in many different types and strengths. Some hair sprays come in aerosol form while others are available as liquid sprays. The type of hair spray that is best for you will depend on the precise reason that you are using this styling product. For example, while aerosols tend to be a bit easier to use on a whole style, liquids are easier to use for targeted control or in smaller amounts.

Hybrid Hair Sprays and Gels

Another type of hair styling product is the hair spray/hair gel hybrid, also referred to as the spray gel. Spray gel combines the merits of hair spray and hair gel into one convenient liquid spray. Spray gel makes using gel in small amounts over a larger area very easy.

Styling Product Tips

To make the most of your hair styling products, follow these tips:

  • Avoid using products that contain a lot of alcohol, as this can over-dry hair.
  • Buy products at discount stores, hair care stores or even online. Generally, buying hair styling products from the grocery store or a salon is far more expensive.
  • Do not keep hair care products longer than a few years. Generally, the texture will change or a white buildup will become present when products are no longer at their best. Some products will even have an expiration date printed on their packaging.
  • Keep your hair spray nozzles clean by rinsing them after use or rubbing them under warm running water to remove buildup.
  • When using hair styling products, avoid putting the product directly onto your scalp, as this can clog the pores on your head.
  • While large-sized hair products can cost less overall, it’s useful to also have travel-size hair styling products on hand to cut down on packing space or to keep in a purse for a night out.


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