Hair Skin Care Brushes Combs

Different shapes and types of brushes and combs can be used for drastically different reasons. If you have unruly hair or are trying to style your hair in a particular manner, having the right type of brush or comb can save you time while helping your get the exact look you want.

Round Brush

While many people don’t realize it, round brushes can be used for more than just creating curl. Round brushes are ideal for creating volume at the roots and for providing added tension.

When used in heat styling, round brushes allow users to get a tighter grip on their hair by wrapping it around the brush. This can make straightening and shaping the hair much easier.

Paddle Brush

The paddle brush, like the name suggests, is a wide, flat brush shaped like a paddle. Paddle brushes are ideal as everyday brushes for those with very long hair or those with naturally straight hair.

In heat styling, paddle brushes are great tools for smoothing hair out after it has been straightened or styled with a round brush.

Vent Brush

Vent brushes allow air to pass through the brush, thus not trapping heat in the brush or in the hair. This type of brush is ideal as an everyday brush or for use during a quick blow dry. While it doesn’t provide as much tension or control as round and paddle brushes, it can still give hair some direction.

Cushion Brush

These brushes are often round or oval shaped and, like the name suggests, have a cushion below the brush’s bristles. These brushes are ideal for men and for those with short hair.

Cushion brushes are not recommended for those with very thick or long hair.

Styler Brush

The styler brush, the most basic type of brush, is rectangular in shape and has no vents behind the bristles, which generally sit on the base of the brush in a kind of outward curved shape.

This brush can be used as an everyday brush or as a blow-drying brush. Although tension may not be as good with a styler brush as with a round brush, a styler brush can be great for smoothing out the ends of the hair.

Thermal Brush

Thermal brushes can come in many shapes, though the most common shape is round. This type of brush contains a material that absorbs and retains heat during heat styling, speeding up the blow drying process and allowing users to curl hair very effectively.

Thermal brushes can even become a curling iron substitute for many people.

The thicker the base of the thermal round brush, the wider the curls will be. Alternately, small round brushes are a bit more difficult to use. With any round brush, it’s important to not wrap hair around the brush so tightly that it becomes stuck or tangled.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs can be great for detangling wet or dry hair or work well for those with especially frizzy or curly hair. While brushes can increase frizz and undo curls, a wide-tooth comb can detangle hair and create a neater appearance without damaging style.

Fine-Tooth Comb

Fine-tooth combs, which can also be used on wet hair, are great for smoothing out the bumps in a ponytail or pulling hair back into up-dos.

Most types of brushes and combs can be found in smaller sizes that are ideal for travel and a purse. Some brushes will even include a collapsible feature that makes them more portable. To save even more space, look for a double-sided comb or brush.


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