Hair Skin Care Bad Hair Cut

At some point in your life, it’s likely that you’ve received a bad hair cut. Whether you cut your hair yourself or went to an inexperienced or under-qualified stylist, you know that a bad hair cut can lower your self-esteem and even impact the look of your face.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid getting a bad hair cut as well as steps you can take to fix a hair cut gone bad!

Choosing the Right Stylist and Style

Avoiding a bad hair cut begins with choosing a great stylist. Choose a stylist with whom you feel comfortable. To find a great stylist, visit several for consultations. At the consultation, discuss any problems you have with your hair as well as what you’d like to see from your hair.

You should pick a stylist who listens to you but who is also realistic about what can be done with your hair. You should also choose the one with whom you feel relaxed.

Once you’ve found your stylist, you’ll want to choose your hairstyle. Choose a style that fits:

  • your lifestyle
  • your hair type
  • your face shape.

Your stylist will be able to help you choose the best hairstyle.

Uneven Layering

If your hair cut has left you with uneven layering, your options are limited. You can either wait for the shorter layers to grow, or you can cut the longer layers to meet the shorter layers. A short hair cut can also solve the problem.

How to Fix a Bad Cut

If you end up with a bad hair cut, keep in mind that hair grows and that your bad hair cut is temporary. If, however, you simply can’t wait for your hair to grow out, try these tips:

  • If your stylist cut your hair, call him and let him know you are unhappy with the cut. If you trust your stylist to fix the cut, ask him for an adjustment. Many stylists will fix a bad hair cut for no additional charge if you return to the salon within 48 hours.

    If, however, you don’t trust your stylist to fix your hair cut, go to another stylist. Keep in mind, however, that you will be charged if you see a new stylist.

  • Pull out your styling tools and hair care products and start experimenting. You’ll likely find a style that will work until your bad hair cut grows out.
  • If short hair is at the root of your bad hair cut, have a professional stylist apply human hair extensions.
  • Invest in some hair accessories. If your hair is short, head to a beauty supply store and buy clip-on ponytails, barrettes, headbands and anything else that might improve your ‘do. Hats and scarves also work well to hide a bad hair cut.
  • Start taking hair vitamins to help your hair grow faster. These supplements won’t make your bad hair cut disappear overnight, but they will accelerate hair growth.


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