Genital Herpes Treatment Support

Despite the fact that one in four people will contract herpes in their lifetime, many of these victims will inevitably feel ashamed and helpless after learning that they have this disease. Seeking support, especially from others afflicted with this STD, can help you move on and continue to live a happy life with this disease.

Basic Genital Herpes Support

In many cases of herpes, the symptoms will disappear without pain or any other accompanying unpleasant symptoms. However, some people’s symptoms do not go away but show varying degrees of improvement over time. Because symptoms can be so varied, seeking support from others who have gone through what you are experiencing can be an enormous help.

Several online groups offer herpes patients a forum in which they can eliminate embarrassment that may come with face-to-face encounters while still getting answers to their questions about this STD.

There are also several books that provide genital herpes information and support, including:

  • Controlling Herpes Naturally: A Practical Guide to Treatment