Eye Glasses Fashion

People are no longer buying reading glasses or prescription glasses just because they need help with their eyesight. People buy prescription eyewear, including sunglasses, to be fashionable and to complement their unique styles. Here are some tips for buying fashionable prescription eyewear.

Why Buy Designer Glasses?

While designer glasses are significantly pricier than lesser known brands, if you use your glasses on a daily basis, you will want a pair that not only helps you see but that also works with your style. Because you will be wearing these glasses nearly every day and since glasses last for a few years, splurging on a style and brand you like is reasonable.

Picking Designer Glasses

Regardless of whether you are looking at reading glasses or fun sunglasses, getting glasses that fit your face is important.

The first step in picking fashionable eyewear is to choose the frame shape you want. In general, pick a frame shape that contrasts the shape of your face. For example, if your face is more round than angular, you are more likely to look better with glasses that have sharp angles. Go for rectangular frames. If, however, your face is a classic triangle, you might look best with rounder frames.

After you have picked out a shape you like, it is time to look at the colors and decorations that you want on your eyewear. Designers produce an array of options, ranging from glasses decorated with rhinestones, flowers, leopard patterns or geometric shapes.

Similarly, some glasses manufacturers also produce glasses with one color on the outside and a contrasting color on the inside of the frames. As you are choosing between the various colors and decorations you want on your glasses, keep in mind that you will likely be using these glasses for a few years in a variety of situations. Consequently, opt for more subtle glasses that can work in both professional and relaxed settings.

Designer Glasses Manufacturers

While many companies produce glasses frames, some of the designer labels include:

  • Chanel glasses
  • Christian Dior glasses or Dior glasses
  • Dolce