Exercise Weight Loss Motivation

If you’ve tried to lose weight and get in shape, you probably know that the most difficult part is staying committed and motivated to the idea of daily exercise to lose weight. Motivation need not be so elusive, however. You can take simple steps every day to stay encouraged as you work toward your fitness and weight loss goals. Learn some exercise motivation tips that can help you stay committed to weight loss.

Exercise and Motivation Tips: Be Realistic!

Be sensible when setting goals for a single workout session. Too many people head into the gym, ready to burn 1,000 calories on the treadmill, and then become disillusioned when the scale barely nudges downward. Weight loss is a gradual and steady process that requires effort, motivation and patience.

Start slow and take it one day at a time. You won’t be able to reach your weight loss goals in a week or even a month, so try not to look beyond the day’s routine.

Finding Motivation to Exercise: Make it Fun!

If you view exercise as a chore, it will be difficult to muster up the motivation you need to exercise. Among other exercise motivation tips, incorporate exercises that you find enjoyable. If you like being in the water, take up swimming. If you enjoy competitive fun with your friends, establish a weekly volleyball or basketball game.

If you need motivation to exercise, joining a group can be very beneficial. In addition to building friendships, you’ll also feel accountable to the group, which will make it hard to not show up. Or, maybe you just want to choose one “workout buddy.” When you work out with other people who want to lose weight, motivation can be contagious and benefit all parties involved.

Reasons to Lose Weight: Motivation Reminders

If you find it hard to get enough motivation to exercise, remind yourself often of why you want to lose weight. Write down your reasons and look at them every day. Perhaps you want to fit into your old clothes or ensure that you’ll be around to see your grandchildren. If you remind yourself often of your reasons to lose weight, motivation may be a natural byproduct.

So, what happens when you hit a plateau and you can’t seem to lose any weight? At difficult times like these, instead of losing your motivation and regressing into bad habits, consider these exercise motivation tips. Take a step back and remind yourself of how far you’ve come; even if you’ve only lost a pound or two, you’re on your way! Acknowledge your progress and commit to putting more effort into losing weight.


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