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Most people associate playing sports with “fun” instead of the hard work that it really is for athletes and amateurs alike. In actuality, playing sports is as effective as any other exercise regimen.

Team sports are especially beneficial in terms of achieving your best, as you work for your team, not just your own sake. And the best part of all? A wide variety of sports offer different benefits to help tone your body and stay trim. Learn how sports may be the best weight loss method for you.

Weight Loss, Sports and Exercise

Many team sports can help you meet your weight loss goals. By playing sports, you replace fat with muscle, resulting in optimum weight loss. If you’re looking to lose weight, consider these popular sports:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball.

All of these offer a terrific combination of sports and exercise that encourage both weight loss and a sense of camaraderie. Depending upon the time of year and your specific interests, team sports may be the best weight loss regimen for you and your body.

How Sports Can Help You Lose Weight

Each sport offers its own benefits to your body and your weight loss goals. Here are some common sports, as well as how many calories you may burn during each one:

  • Beach volleyball: You can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour playing beach volleyball with your friends in the sand.
  • Pickup games: Playing pickup games like basketball and football can also burn over 600 calories per hour, depending upon the intensity of the competition.
  • Soccer: Playing soccer can burn nearly 800 calories per hour. If you spend an average of two hours running up and down a soccer field, you can expect to see results quickly.
  • Table tennis: If you like to exercise indoors, table tennis is the game for you. It’s fun and easy and it burns over 300 calories per hour.

Combining Sports and Exercise

The benefits of sports to your body extend far beyond weight loss. Playing sports may also revitalize your metabolism and help build muscles, giving new shape and definition to your figure. For example, playing soccer can give you the lean legs of a goalie, while swimming on a daily basis can help you develop your upper body and arms.

Playing sports to lose weight also carries the added benefit of being a team effort, which makes it easier to commit (and stay committed) to the ultimate goal of weight loss.

Choosing Sports to Lose Weight

When considering playing sports as weight loss method, remember that team sports require a group of committed individuals that work together to meet collective goals. If you enjoy group activities, but you don’t like traditional exercise methods, playing sports may be one of your best weight loss options.

If you have a sustained physical injury, however, consult your doctor before beginning a sports and exercise regimen.


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