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Do you find yourself dancing along to your favorite song on the radio? Are you looking for a new, exciting way to exercise? Combine these two activities and exercise with dancing. In addition to having fun, you can lose weight dancing!

Types of Dancing and Weight Loss

So, let’s say you’re ready to begin, but you can’t choose a type of dance. Consider traditional group dancing such as Irish dance, made famous in the 90s by the “Riverdance” phenomenon. Irish dance focuses on rapidly moving your legs, while keeping your upper body still.

If you prefer Latin dance, consider Zumba®, an exciting mix of salsa, merengue, hip-hop and belly dancing. In a Zumba® class, expect to work your entire body as you move along to the music.

You can also choose NIA®–short for Neuromuscular Integrative Action–which is a blend of tai chi, yoga, martial arts and modern dance. These soothing movements are designed for all ages and fitness levels. If you enjoy dancing and weight loss is your main goal, these are good options.

How to Lose Weight Dancing

If you choose to exercise with dancing, choose any style of dancing, have fun and see how quickly you may meet your weight loss goal. Here’s a table that outlines how many calories a 160 lb. person can burn while dancing, as compared to other aerobic activities:

Activity Calories/Hour
Zumba® 650
High impact aerobics 511
Ballet 432
Salsa 396
Low impact aerobics 365
Nia® 350
Ballroom dancing 216

To lose one pound of weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Adding a dance class to your exercise regimen can give you the calorie-burning boost to meet your weight loss goal.

Consider Dancing for Exercise

If you’re looking to exercise with dancing, you have many options, including salsa, hip-hop, ballet, jazz and ballroom. You can dance in your own home, take a group dance class or strut your stuff at a local club. Unlike other types of exercise, most types of dance don’t require any special equipment or clothing, and you can dance at any time of the day–or night!

When you exercise with dancing, you’ll soon see the results of the hard work while having fun. You can burn calories and lose weight while dancing to your favorite music. In addition, dancing can help you build confidence, build relationships and learn about different types of music and cultures.

If you’re just beginning dancing for exercise, ask your doctor before you start, especially if you have a medical condition, such as cardiovascular or joint problems.


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