Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Male erectile dysfunction (MED) is a medical term for the consistent inability to generate or maintain an erection long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The problem has long been known as impotence. Chronic erectile dysfunction has a long-term negative effect on sexual performance and emotional well-being.

Many men experience a temporary loss of erection: fatigue, stress and emotional distress can all interfere with maintaining an erection. For over thirty million American men, however, the problem is permanent. The ability to maintain an erection is essential for male sexual performance, and the inability to do so can shatter a man’s self-esteem.

Out of the millions who suffer from impotence, only ten percent consult their doctors about possible treatments. It’s hard for a man to discuss “impotence,” or to admit that he’s having erectile difficulties. This site is all about erectile dysfunction treatments. The information provided here should help men and their partners realize that many possible solutions for impotence exist.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erection difficulties were once assumed to be psychological in nature, and that guilt, depression, or other emotional disorders affected a man’s sexual performance. While it’s certainly true that emotional distress and mental disorders can cause erectile dysfunction, seventy percent of all erectile dysfunction cases have a physical cause.

Whether the cause of MED is chemical, mental, or physical, when the cause of the problem is treated, then the ability to achieve an erection may return or be improved. Erectile dysfunction treatments are remarkably varied: treatment may be as simple as changing existing medication, or as complicated as surgical correction. Other times, sexual therapy may be involved. A wide range of medicinal treatments is available, and alternative medicine also offers possible solutions. Erection aids can help improve a man’s ability to function sexually. Although such aids will not actually treat erection difficulties, they can help a man reclaim his sexual life. Treatment for MED may involve treating the condition, such as testosterone deficiency, causing it.

This site provides basic information on available impotence treatments, but may not cover every existing treatment. The information contained is intended only for personal information: treatment should be pursued under the care and monitoring of a qualified medical professional. Please remember that erection loss can indicate a number of potentially serious physical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes, so the advice of a doctor or other health professional is essential.


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